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Imea audition etude #2

Practice | by trumpet1 almost 13 years ago


uploaded by trumpet1 on september 15, 2011 at 10:26 pm

Jason Batson
chordscollide almost 13 years ago

Great job John! This is turning out really well. Your tone is very beautiful and pure. Just a couple things to keep in mind: really decide what you want to do with dynamics. Go through the music and find the high and low points of the phrases how YOU want them to be. Then go over your decisions with your private lesson teacher and really solidify w ... More »

Paul Lowry
lowry229 almost 13 years ago

Hi John! Overall it sounds very good! A lot of great things happening. The main thing I would suggest is to be careful not to lose time when you take a breath. Keep the videos coming! Make sure you are in view of the camera. You can learn a lot from watching yourself. Great job! Next you should post the Arban's characteristic study and you ... More »

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