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I’m Terry, and I founded this platform along with my good friend Steve. We did it because when I was little kid growing up in a small town in Adel, Georgia (USA), I was the only kid I knew who was playing the piano 6 hours a day. It would have been great to have met some other kid who was into music as much as me. Gig Room is a place where you can share your music with the world and where you can meet other musicians who love music as much as you do. Hopefully, you’ll upload videos of you making music so the rest of us can hear you. Hopefully, you’ll spend some time looking for other musicians whose music speaks to you. And hopefully, you’ll use Gig Room to make music with other musicians - in real time. We worked for years to develop this tool that allows you to make music over the internet without the delays and latency that (in the past) have kept us from making music online. And now, thousands of musicians are using Gig Room to make music every day. Since we can make music anyone from anywhere, we can make more music than ever. And more music is a great thing.

Terry Lowry

Member since August 12, 2011

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Has Studied Instrument For:
my whole life

Favorite Composer:

Favorite Piece of Music:
Lately.....Mahler: Symphony no. 9

William Knight & Peter DeWitt

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