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In a Pensive Mood

Portfolio | by TaylorRolandComposer over 3 years ago


This is just a demo I made for the Oboist and Bassoonist to look at before digging in, both are already wood shedding it! The final version of this will have such cool elements added to it!!!! The Oboe and Bassoon parts will be recorded live and the background will be completely filled out with loads of orchestral percussion, full adult choir, boys choir, Brass, Woodwind parts I left out of this version, and lots of really cool cinematic twists. My aim is to have this duet sound like a film score! I'll also keep a version of it that is just the duet parts, harpsichord, bass drum, percussion toys and string parts soloed because it'll have a really interesting exposed acoustic feel that way.

uploaded by TaylorRolandComposer on april 20, 2020 at 04:43 am

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