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My name is Evan Harris I am 18 years old! I am a vocalist, pianist, as well as a guitarist. I was literary boys soloist, and 2nd bass in the Quartet back in high school. Now I am going to college to pursue in 2 Doctoral degrees in vocal performance, and piano accompanist! I would like to eventually get into musical production to become a producer! I hope y’all enjoy my talents, and I encourage for you to like, comment, and share on them if you like my work! Thanks

Evan Harris
Buchanan, Georgia

Member since March 18, 2019

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Has Studied Instrument For:
11 years

Favorite Composer:
Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, Frank Sinatra, Michael Bublé, etc...

Favorite Piece of Music:
Moonlight Sonata

Myself, And Kathy Waldrop.

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